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Paintball and Airsoft Guns

Created in 1970 in two different countries airsoft and paintball guns were created, even though their users are somewhat similar their external appearance is completely different, yes there are both guns but one version is more realistic than the other. Today we're going to talk about the origins and differences between the guns used in paintball and airsoft games.


The Asian market has always been interested in guns as collectibles, especially those in Japan; the only problem is that according to Japanese law owning a firearm is illegal, in order to satisfy the demand of people were interested in the look and feel of real guns a local manufacturer decided to create replicas of the originals, these replicas lack firepower of the real thing and use plastic BBs instead of bullets. In order for law enforcement agencies to tell the difference between an airsoft gun and the real thing a yellow or red prong needs to be left attached to the end of the barrel
At the same time the Asian manufacturers were creating gun replicas, those in the US were also creating guns for different purposes such as marking cattle and trees, their external appearance does not resemble actual guns but they're rather have a unique and distinctive look, for the most part the barrel of the gun is just a tube which hasn't been shaped in order to emulate a firearm.


-- The most obvious difference between the two is that airsoft guns are very good replicas of actual weapons while paintball guns have a distinctive plain barrel that doesn't resemble the body of any firearm.

-- Paintball guns are mostly used for sports and recreational activities while their counterparts are used for military and law enforcement officer training.

-- Airsoft weapons tend to have higher firepower than those used in paintball which is why it is recommended to use protective gear specially designed for such activity.
The Price Factor

-- In most cases airsoft guns are more expensive than their counterparts because of the level of detail applied to the body of the gun in order to make it resemble the real thing.

There are a few stores which offer good deals on these professionally made replicas but they often tend to be pricey because of the quality of the exterior work as well as the type of firing mechanism used.

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